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Multicore Stage Snake with Stage Box 16/4 50 ft


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Multicore Stage Snake with stagebox system  at price that won’t beat up your budget

Multicore Stage Snake 16 XLR  lines in 4 XLR lines returnesMade to our specifications, the strudy steel construction stagebox is black powder coated with an integrated carrying handle and fitted with high quality metal XLR connectors. Maximum audio integrity, highly flexible multicore with high quality metal XLR’s which are number coded.

  • 20 Channels (16 In, 4 Returns)
  • 15 m/50 ft Multicore
  • Diameter (cable): 20.2 mm
  • wire rope strain-relief

Multicore Stage Snakes can be custom made to customer requirement, with options of lenght, from six metres to sixty metres, and up to 32 channels.

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