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Power and signal cable (One Cable) 5 metre


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Power and signal cable (One Cable) 5 metre

Power and signal cable (One Cable) 5 metre, from Adam Hall Cables ProCab Series CAB 400 –  has Power and Microphone Cable Safety Plug & XLR female to Euro Power & XLR male 5 m

The XLR connector is a style of electrical connector, primarily on most professional audio, and stage  equipment.

The connectors are circular in design which have 3 pins. one ground, pin one pin hot, one pin cold

This particular product has been designed for the use with many active loud speaker products, where as to save the use of running mains power and audio signal as two separate cables.

They are most commonly associated with balanced audio interconnection, including AES3 digital audio, this type plug can be mistaken for DMX plug fitting to connect some lighting control.

XLR connectors are available from a number of manufacturers and are covered by an international standard for dimensions, IEC 61076-2-103. They are superficially similar to the older and smaller DIN connector range, but are not physically compatible with them.

This type of combined cable is available in five, ten fifteen and twenty metre lenghts

  • Safety Plug/XLR female to Euro Power/XLR male
  • 5 m
  • Cable type: KCPAC50

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