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Charity Event Package


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Charitable Event Package

This is a charitable event package based on cost to us, to offer the most affordable deal for your charitable status.

This package includes the following item for your event.


One PSS 12/12 Event stage & Canopy 12 feet x 12 Feet, adjustable up to one metre in height.

One Portable Generator 2KVA

One Yamaha 2K Speech Vocal Public Address System

The following costing is the commercial rate for items that make up this event package.


The sale price is based on the cost to us for crewing the event and any fuel cost which relates to trucking equipment to and from your event location.


PSS 12/12 Stage Set Up Unit Price Total Price
Staging Components
6 Steeldeck Section  6ft x 4ft 39.00 234.00
0 Steeldeck Section  8ft x 4ft 38.00 0.00
0 Steeldeck Section  4ft x 4ft 29.00 0.00
9 Steel Flange Legs 2ft to 1M 1.00 9.00
9 Steel Adjustable Feet 1.05 9.45
2 Gaffa Tape 5.00 10.00
2 Sets Of Steps 25.00 50.00
Canopy  29′ x 13′ Componets.
4 OPTI Trilite 200 trussing 90* Corners 4.00 16.00
2 OPTI Trilite 200 trussing 2.0M Top Brace Sections 12.00 24.00
8 OPTI Trilite 200 trussing 1M Legs 10.00 80.00
4 OPTI Trilite 200 trussing 3.0M Side Brace Sections 14.00 56.00
0 OPTI Trilite 200 trussing 2.9M Side Brace Sections 13.00 0.00
0 OPTI Trilite 200 trussing 3M Cross Sections 14.00 0.00
0 OPTI Trilite 200 trussing 2M Cross Sections 12.00 0.00
16 Cross Clamps 1.00 16.00
0 Swivle Clamps 1.00 0.00
4 Base Plates 3.00 12.00
1 Top Sheet 30 x 16 22.00 192 22.00
1 Side Sheet 16 x 12 17.00 144 17.00
0 Back Sheet 16 x 12 15.00 192 0.00
Set up Labour Charge  BECTU (Rigger Rate Per Hour) 42.50 4 170.00
Dismantle Labour Charge BECTU (Rigger Rate Per Hour) 42.50 3 127.50
Delivery Charge
BECTU Driver  Rate per hour 33.11 1 33.11
Fuel Rate 25.00
Collectiong Charge
BECTU Driver  Rate per hour 33.11 1 33.11
Fuel Rate 25.00
Vehicle Overheads 46.28
PSS 28/16 Hire Rate Total Inclusive 1015.45
1 Portable Generator 2KVA 120.00 120.00
Yamaha 2K Speech Vocal Public Address System
1 Yamaha O1V Digital Mixer 100.00 100.00
1 Yamaha DXR 15 40.00 40.00
1 Trantec Radio Microphone Set 12.00 12.00
1 Shure SM 58 Microphone 12.00 12.00
2 Tripod Stands 6.00 12.00
2 Set Up-Engineering 20.00 40.00
Delivery Collection Charge
Total Inclusive 216.00
Total 1351.45
Booking Discount Less 901.45

Orange Audio Terms & Condition

a) The “Owner” shall be Orange Audio, their successors, assigns or
personal representatives.

  1. b) The “Hirer” or “Purchaser” shall be the company, firm, person,
    Corporation or public authority, taking the Owners products,
    services and equipment on sale or hire & includes their
    successors, assigns or  personal representatives.
  2. c) “Products or Services” covers all classes of products and services
    which the Owners agrees to sell to the purchaser.
  3. d) “Equipment” covers all classes of equipment, cables & accessories
    which the Owners agrees to hire to the Hirer.                        
  4. e) An “order” is a verbal or written request by the Hire to  the Owner
    for the equipment to be provided.
  5. f) The “Hire or “Sale” or  “Service” contract is an agreement
    between the Owner & the  Hirer” or “Purchaser” which confirms
    receipt of the Hirer’s or Purchaser’s order, lists the products,
    equipment and services to be provided & incorporates any special
    conditions between the Hirer or  Purchaser & the Owner.

An agreement/contract for sale, or for hire is deems to be accepted on receipt of full payment, or the minimum required deposit.

Acceptance of  an agreement/contract will only proceed once any payment is cleared the “Owners” account,  or cash office, handed to
representatives, their successors, assigns or person.

The agreement/contract will schedule all the details relating to the sale/hire/services to be supplied.

The agreement/contract will state the minimum deposit required, and the due date of full payment, or balance.

Payment  will be due on a stated date, and the Hirer or Purchaser to meet the terms & conditions of the agreement/contract should make such payment/s on the stated date. Where such payments are not paid in time on the stated date, the owner reserves the right retract from any discount/s which relate to the agreement/contract, and the full invoice value of the agreement/contract will become due.

Payments later than one calendar month, and thereafter, the owner reserves the right to charge interest on any outstanding invoice/s not paid.

The completion of the Hire/Sales/Installation Agreement by signature of  the Hirer shall imply acceptance of all the conditions herein,
unless otherwise agreed & specified in the Hire/Sales/Service  agreement/contract  by the Owner & the Hirer or Purchaser.


Cancellation of products or services will require written notice to cancel any supply or delivery of products or services.

Notice should be given as soon as the hirer, purchase, or any person/s or agent assigned by the hirer, purchase becomes aware that the products or services are not required.


Where written notice of cancellation is (letter, email or text) is received 10 working days before the product/s or service/s are due to  be supplied or delivered, a full refund of money received as payment/s or deposit/s will be refunded by the way of a company cheque to the hirer or purchase

Where written notice of cancellation is (letter, email or text) is less than 10 working days any payment or deposit will be retained by the owner.

Where no written notice of cancellation is received, the owner requires any invoice/s forwarded to hirer, purchase to be paid in full.


All products supplied remain the property of the “Owner” until full payment is received.


The Hirer is absolutely responsible for the safe keeping of equipment during the period of hire & for its return to the Owner at the end of the hire. If the Hirer fails to return equipment  for whatever  reason, whether as a result of theft, loss, destruction or otherwise, whether  due to negligence on  the part of the Hirer or his servants or not, the Hirer shall be liable  to the Owner:
a) for the cost of replacement of the equipment together with all costs arising there from.
b) for the Owner’s hire charges until the return of the equipment or payment in full of the  costs under the clause a) hereof.


Breakdowns or defects in the product, equipment or service occurring as a result of ordinary usage or fair wear and tear will at the Owner’s options either be repaired at the Owner’s expense & with the least possible delay, or alternatively the Owner will replace equipment, & the Hirer or purchaser in such event shall not be charged until repair or replacement occurs.


Except as provided above the Owner will not, to the extent permitted by law, be under any liability whatever, however arising to the Hirer or Purchaser for any consequences of equipment  failure, malfunction or defect. In particular the Owner will not be liable for consequential or pure economic loss in any event.


The Hirer or Purchaser shall be responsible for complying with all relevant laws, bylaws & regulations applicable & Incidental to the use of the products and equipment.


The Hirer shall be responsible for insuring the equipment fully & properly against all risks  devolving on him either by law or under this contract & these conditions.


The Hire or Purchaser shall indemnify the Owner in respect of all claims for injury, loss or damage whatsoever caused by or in connection with the sale or hiring or use of the equipment by the Purchaser or Hirer.

The Owner shall not be under any liability for any consequences of delay of failure in carrying out the contract by Force Majeure or circumstances outside the direct control of the Owner.