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Festival Stage Package


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Festival Stage Package £4700

Three Day Weekend

The costs below are our website list prices, we are offering a 10% off each, (Event Stage, Band PA, & Stage Lighting System) if order as package. If you place your booking before 31st July 2023 there is also an early booking discount of additional 15% off, making a full discount package of a total 25% off .

10% deposit will secure your booking, full refundable should you need to cancel (please read T’s & C’s).

Full Festival Package complete with 20ft x 16ft event stage, 4 Kwatts Band PA with Foldback monitors, 24 Kwatts  Stage Lighting System

Performance Stage suitable for dancing and acrobatics 

Ref: PSS 20/16 £2400.

Total performance area 20ft wide x 16ft depth stage height 2ft, sloped roof.

This set up uses 10 x 8ft x 4ft Steel deck sections, bolted together.

The OPTI Trilite 200 aluminium trussing makes up the canopy structure, upon which the PVC sheets are attached using bungee ties.

Delivered Friday, set up for an event Saturday & Sunday, dismantled and collected Monday.

The general logistic of installing our event stages is to install on the day before the start day of the event, with the dismantle taking place on the day after the finish day.

You would be advised to contact our sales team if we can not work is way.

The valence and boarder is made polyester , Silver/Black,.

Board surface Matt Black non slip finish.

4 Kwatts Band PA with Foldback monitor  £1210.60


Band & Foldback System Yamaha 4K
Yamaha O1V Digital Mixer 1 75.00 75.00
Active Floor Monitors 2 35.00 70.00
Yamaha DXR 15 2 35.00 70.00
Yamaha DXS 18 Subs 2 40.00 80.00
Shure Drum Set Microphone Set 1 15.00 15.00
Shure SM 58 Microphone 6 5.00 30.00
Poles 2 2.00 4.00
Stage Snake 30M 16 x4  Channel 1 40.00 40.00
Boom Microphone Stands 8 3.00 24.00
Set Up-Dismantle Engineers 600.00
Delivery Collection Charge
Sub 1008.00

The above is the total cost for delivery, set up, the system, dismantle and collection.

The above price has not included any engineer/s to operate soundcheck and mix any artist or bands.

Additional audio and lighting can be added to this system, please contact us  if you require further information, with regards system add on’s and prices.

24 Kwatts  Stage Lighting System £1328.60

24 Kwatts Stage Lighting System
unit totals
1 Lighting 6 channel 12.00 12.00
2 Dimmer Packs 6 channels 25.00 50.00
24 Par Cans 64 1K each 7.50 180.00
24 20M cables & connector 4.50 108.00
1 Controller Cable 2.00 2.00
24 Lamp Clamps 0.25 6.00
Set up Rigger Charge 300
Dismantle Rigger Charge 300
Unit Cost 958.00
Delivery Charge 90.00
Collection Charge 90.00
Total 1329.60

The above is the total cost for delivery, set up, the system, dismantle and collection.

The above price has not included any engineer/s to light plot or operate during the live performance.



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