Orange Audio: History and About Us

Orange Audio: History and About Us

Orange Audio: is this year celebrating our 20th year, operating and trading since 2001 with a variety of sound system and audio production services, including live sound system hire services and audio equipment rentals and sales. Orange Audio was started for the purpose of providing professional live sound reinforcement for entertainment, music and corporate events. The equipment inventory covered products and services to include a range of  events local and throughout the UK and Europe. Orange Audio is also affiliated with numerous experienced sound engineers and media professionals that are frequently selected for their individual talents as, well as for additions in a teams assembled for specific events and productions. Orange Audio can supply the correct and right personnel with equipment, linked to the requests of your specific event for a successful production result.

Orange Audio is now in its twentieth year, founded by Rick Thompson in 2001, the company has had steady growth from its humble beginnings. Rick started his career in entertainment back nearly forty years ago in 1973 at the Victoria Palace theatre London.

Rick has worked on a number of productions while at the Victoria Palace, Black & White Mistral Show, Sing  Along Max  (Max Bygraves), Carry On London (Sid James, Dame Barbra Windor,  Kenneth Connor,  Bernard Bresslaw, Peter Butterworth)  Swinger Along Max (Max Bygraves  Cilla Black Show,  Mike Yarwood Show, Cockney Rebel, Lindinisfarm, Marty Widle, Tangerine Dream, Hi-Di-Hi Stage show, Buddy The Musical

Employed by Stoll Moss Theatre’s (Victoria Palace London) 1972, Rick has witness the progress and development of sound reinforcement through the years at first hand. Rick has applied his hands on approach to Orange Audio’s euthenics, centred a round the on-stage sound monitoring and front of house sound, satisfying the performer and to enable the artist to give the supreme performance for their audience. Rick went on to working with some of the most considerably well known names in entertainment and music throughout the 80s and 90s. On tour as freelance, and for a time with Thames Television, and National Theatre (London). Rick has gained values of working with professional crew and equipment in the broadcast industry.

With the governmental new franchise allocations of broadcasting licences in the early 90s. The time was right to set up new production companies. As like many at that time, Rick took this opportunity to start Orange Audio. Today Orange Audio offers a broad range of products and services to the entertainment and music industries, from sound reinforcement productions, to the sales of professional audio equipment.

Orange Audio has been cautious not to over stretch its self, working on Only a limited number of productions a year, choosing carefully to which artist and Client to be associated with.

Rick and all that work at Orange Audio hope you find our website an aid in helping you plan and process your event. We look forward to the possibility of providing products and services to you for any of your coming event. And we will do our vary best to help you make any of your events a success for you and your audience.

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