LD Maui 28 Active Compact PA System

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Takes only a about a minute to set up, with no connecting cables  other than the ‘signal in’ and the mains IEC power lead.  The full rig consists of a powered subwoofer, which houses all the signal processing and amplifier modules, and two passive mid/high line-array sections that mount above it. The whole system is so easy to set up, there’s a pair of XLR and jack ‘combi’ inputs, and a pair of unbalanced RCA inputs, for most of the usual connection leads.  In terms of output power, subwoofer amp is rated at 200 Watts, with another 200W for the array section. The maximum output at 400 watts over the overall frequency response is 45Hz to 20kHz make the LD Maui28, packing a big punch for a little package. In terms of audio performance, visual impact and convenience, this little system should score on most people requirements, if your need is for a small PA system.

We at Orange Audio have currently LD Maui28 on special offer for October 2014 at £740.00 inclusive.

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Rick Thompson

Sound Designer @ Orange Audio

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