Corporate Equipment info

This system is capable of delivering sound re-enforcement to an audience upwards to 1500 people. This general type of set up is for speech required during a corporate/conference event. With this formation the audio system and monitor mix is generally limited to 1 or 2 channels for the spokesperson/s although the system can be configured for more spokespersons if required. The overall system is controlled by one performance sound engineer, who also controls the monitor mix from FOH.

Basic components, FOH audio system

  •  Audio mixers 8 to 16 input channels


  • 32 band graphic equaliser
  • Top/Mid/ Bass, speaker cabinet clusters
  • Power amplifiers
  • Microphones relative to number of input channels required.
  • Stage monitoring floor cabinets (full range)
  • Power amplifiers
  • Power source 13 – 16 amp
  • All the necessary cabling

The above systems can be supplemented by adding additional audio component such as radio microphones, radio in the ear monitoring systems and other outboard audio component’s.

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