Club/Pub equipment info

This formation of audio system is capable of delivering sound re-enforcement to a medium size audience, venue capacity up to approx 800 persons. Systems can be tailored matched for out put power, relative to the venue and audience size. This type of general set up this for live music performances, concerts and theatrical productions etc, and is configured for on stage monitoring for the performing artistes. The overall system can be looked upon as two different audio systems

  1. one for the audience and
  2. the other for the performing artist.

One sound engineer operates the overall audio system that controls both the FOH audiences mix, as well as the on stage monitoring mix for the performers. Backline equipment (guitars/keyboards/amplifiers and drums can all be DI (direct inputted) or have microphones placed upon to supply signals to the FOH mixer. The two systems are thus controlled from FOH, link by multicore cable and stage boxes and the required number of monitor mixes are returned to the stage by the multicore cable. The above systems can be supplemented by adding additional audio component such as radio microphones, radio in the ear monitoring systems and other outboard audio components.

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