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events-hire-services/arenafestival  information regarding is form of audio system is capable of delivering sound re-enforcement to a larger audience. The overall system can be looked upon as two different audio systems, one for the audience and the other for the performing artists. The general set up is for live music performances, and is configured for on stage monitoring, with individual on stage monitor mixes for each of the performing artist, side fills loud speaker stack’s to reflect what’s being delivered to the audience. These system can be applied to in door or out door events with the overall power matching the audience size.

 Basic components, FOH audio system


  •  32 band graphic equaliser
  • Noise gate/compression/expanders
  • Output crossover split 3 or 4 way to audio poweramplifiers
  •  Top/Mid/Upper Bass, Line array speaker cabinet clusters (Vertical or Horizontal Line Array)
  • Plus flying truss if line arrays are to be flown
  • Long throw Sub bass units
  • Power amplifiers
  • Power source 16 – 32 amp
  • All the necessary cabling
  • Microphone or DI boxes (direct input) relative to the number of input channels required.

Two performance sound engineers are required, one for the FOH (front of house) operational mix and the other for the on stage monitoring operation the two systems are link by multicore cable stage monitor mixer/splitter boxes and the input signals is spit between the two systems, which are controlled separately.

 Basic components, On Stage Monitoring audio system

 The above systems can be supplemented by adding additional audio component such as radio microphones, radio in the ear monitoring systems and other outboard audio components.


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