Event Stage Hire Package

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Event Stage Hire Package

We are now taking bookings for 2017,  for our Event Stage Hire Package, for more detail on how to save ££££’s Contact Rick.


The Stage Package includes the following:


10 x 8′ x 4′ steeldeck staging units to make  20′ x 16′ or 24′ x 12′ stage 2′ high, with canopy, back and side walls (interior Black) (exterior White).

Please note if the stage is to be set up on a hard surface such as tarmac or concrete, there might be addition cost for anchoring the canopy.

PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEM,  (Yamaha, or QSC 4 Kilowatts system),

Yamaha OV1 full digital mixing desk, 2 x Yamaha active top cabinets, 2 x Yamaha active sub cabinets. four channels of stage monitoring, all the necessary cables, microphones, DI boxes and microphones for 16 channels of input to the mixer.


14 colour changeable Led lighting lamps and controller, all the necessary cables and stands fixings etc.


Two crew persons to set up and de-rig all the stage, canopy, public address system and lighting system.

Please note the above cost DO NOT include crew/engineers for sound or lighting to operate the systems throughout your event.

There would be an additional charges for sound mixing, light operation, and stage management should you require such.

T s’ & C s’

The hire is for one day at the above rate, for an event which totals a maximum 12 hours, ie: if the event starts at 11am and ends at 11pm the rate for one day is applicable, if the event run beyond 11pm to 11.30pm the hire is running in to the additional days hire.

Set up time and de-rig can vary, we aim to have all systems ready within six hours of arriving at the location. We would always seek to set up on a day before an event, and de-rig the day after, set and de-rig time are not charged as extra.

All of our equipment meets event specification, and all electrical equipment have valued PAT certificate for event date. We hold public liability insurance for 5 million pounds, and healthy and safety risk assessment reports are available, as a long with our working practice schedules.

Please note we require electrical power, as power is not supplied by us.

Pre Site Survey (There is an addition charge)

As an event organizer you might, or might not have in depth knowledge of the production products and legal commitment you are acquiescing. It’s for this reason we offer the service of a Pre Site Location Survey of any of our production equipment you order from us.

Our Pre Site Location Survey covers all areas of location and installing of production products, equipment, vehicle/s and personnel. This is carried out by a senior member of the production team, or a nominated contractor, with expertise in event logistic and planning.

Our officer will make a pre event site visit of the event location, once the survey complete, then collate reports of the information obtain on the following:


Healthy and Safety working:


Logistic of installation and recover of products and equipment:


Suitability of the products and equipment at the location:


Risk Assessment:

If you have any further questions or would like more details, please feel free to message me


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