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Sennheiser HD25 LIGHT


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HD25 LIGHT Closed Dynamic Headphones New 2020 Version

Main Features

  • Closed, supra-aural monitoring headphones for use in high-noise environments
  • Legendary HD 25 sound
  • New robust single headband design for outstanding comfort
  • Capable of handling high sound pressure levels
  • Dual-sided detachable cable
  • Cable length: 1.5m

    HD 25 LIGHT

    Acclaimed for their ability to handle high sound pressure levels and excellent sound reproduction, the HD 25’s are often found in DJ booths, on stage and in studios around the world. For more than 30 years. Our HD 25 Light delivers the pure sound while maintaining a minimalistic design.

    Product Specifications

    • Colour:  Black
    • Impedance:  70 Ohm
    • Connector:  3.5mm Jack
    • Frequency response (Headphones):  16 – 22,000 Hz
    • Cable length:  1.5m
    • Weight:  ~ 120g
    • Storage temperature:  -20° to 70° C
    • Operating temperature:  -5° to 50° C
    • Maximum sound pressure level (passive):  120 dB