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QSC PL340 PowerLight 3 Amp 2x1250W @ 4ohms (2x2000W@2ohms) 2U


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QSC PL340  Power Light™ 3 Series is designed for the most demanding live audio users, whether in touring rigs or fixed installations. The most requested features of the Power Light 2 series have been upgraded to deliver “the ultimate analog amplifier”, while the QSC Data port ensures full compatibility with advanced digital processing and QSC™. Three models range in power from 1250 watts to 4000 watts per channel at two ohms, all in two-rack space chassis that are only 15.6″ (40 cm) deep and 22 lbs (10 kg).In addition to higher power, the Power Light 3 Series offers higher input voltage, selectable sensitivity, and easily adjusted rear panel switches with color coded LED indicators. For those users who simply want a high performance amplifier to go with their existing processor or console, the Power Light 3 Series is an ideal choice, offering high power, excellent value, and zero signal latency. When complete integration of amplifier control, monitoring and DSP is desired, the Power Light 3 Series is fully compatible with the QSC BASIS™ networked audio platform, with its comprehensive drag and drop DSP functionality. Simpler DSP requirements can be met with the DSP-4 processing module.

Features: QSC PL340 Power Light 3 Amp 2x1250W @ 4ohms (2x2000W@2ohms) 2U

  • Power Light switch mode power supply for highest efficiency and improved audio performance
  • Flow-thru air path and solid aluminium heat sinks for maximum cooling
  • Data Port supports remote computer control and/or external DSP-4 modules
  • Detented gain controls with 1 dB steps for precise calibration
  • Removable knobs with lock-out security plate to prevent unauthorised tampering
  • User defeatable clip limiters and selectable low-frequency filter per channel (3 Hz, 30 Hz, or 50 Hz)
  • Three selectable input gains (26 dB, 32 dB, or 1.2 V)
  • Front and rear panel LEDs indicate status of switch settings at a glance
  • Parallel Data port, XLR/M and XLR/F connectors for simple loop-through connectivity
  • Neutrik Speakon® and “Touch Proof” binding post outputs
  • Neutrik Powercon® power cable remains secure on the road
  • 3 year warranty, plus optional 3 year extended service contract

Product Specifications

  • Stereo Mode: 8 ohms: EIA 1 kHz 1% THD: 800 W. 4 ohms: EIA 1 kHz 1% THD: 1250 W. 2 ohms: EIA 1 kHz 1% THD: 2000 W
  • Bridge Mono Mode: 8 ohms: EIA 1 kHz 1% THD: 2600 W. 4 ohms: EIA 1 kHz 1% THD: 4000 W
  • Frequency Response (8 ohms): 20 Hz – 20 kHz, +/-0.2 dB
  • Noise (20 Hz – 20 kHz, 32 dB Gain): -104 dB
  • Dynamic Headroom (4 ohms): 2 dB
  • Damping Factor (8 ohms): 200
  • Output Circuitry: Class D
  • Input Sensitivity: 26 dB Setting- 5.27V. 32 dB Setting- 2.67V
  • Input Gain (1.2V setting): 39.1 dB
  • Maximum Input Level: 1.2V setting: 10V (+22 dB). 32 dB setting: 22V (+25.5 dB). 26 db setting: 25V (+30 dB)
  • AC Power Requirements: 120V 50/60 Hz: 18A. 230V 50 Hz: 11A
  • Dimensions: Height: 3.5″ (8.9 cm) 2RU. Width: 19″ (48.3 cm). Depth: 15.63″ (39.7 cm) from front mounting rails
  • Weight: Net: 22 lbs (10 kg) Shipping: 31.5 lbs (14.3 kg)
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