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Palmer MI Automat – Distortion effect for guitar


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Palmer MI Automat – Distortion

Two effects in one box

The Palmer PEAUTO is an auto wah wah and distortion pedal in one. Featuring the familiar distortion circuitry of the Palmer PEDIST and an additional auto wah, the PEAUTO offers a gamut of sounds from gentle to hard, from mellow thickness to the ultimate wall of distortion. Housed in a solid metal case with extended edges for optimum protection of the in- and outputs, the knurled knobs are easy to grip and the sturdy footswitch offers just the right action point. A red LED clearly indicates if the effect is active or the PEAUTO is in bypass mode. It is powered by an external 9-volt power supply or, alternatively, a 9-volt block battery.

Technical Specifications

  • Input impedance: 470 kohms
  • Output impedance: 100 kohms
  • Residual noise: -85 dB (all controls centered)
  • Controls: Q-factor, Tone, Wet / Dry
  • Indicator: LED on / off
  • Connectors: IN, OUT, DC input (9 V)
  • Footswitch: true bybass
  • Power requirements: 9 V block battery or 9 V DC supply (optional)
  • Power consumption: 14 mA (9 V DC)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 120 mm x 140 mm x 60 mm