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24 + 8 channels, 30 metre multicore stage snake


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30 metre multicore stage snake 24 + 8 channels,

30 metre multicore 24 + 8 channels stage snake  with stage box, totaling 32-channels.

With a permanently attached 30-metre cable terminating in XLR plugs. The all-metal stage box has a solid strain relief in the transitional area between box and cable.

The protruding sides optimally protect the sockets on the stage box against damage. With a built-in handle for ease of handling and prepared mounting possibilities for permanent installation.

The additionally reinforced transition to the terminations prevents fatigue and cable breakage. For 24 send and eight return paths. Fifty-metre cable length available on request.

Ideal to use with a 24 channel input audio mixing desk, 8 return channels that can be configured for left and right front of house audio signals, and up to six aug returns for monitoring channels.

Adam Hall male XLR plugs on the twenty four input channels and eight female XLR plugs on the tail end, built to with stand the most vagarious of production tours.

This type of multicore can be made to order for any configuration of length and types of plugs.

Customers should contact our sales team with their specification and requirement, so as we can offer any further information on lead times and prices.




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