100mm Heavy Duty Swivel Castor (Braked)


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100mm  Heavy Duty Braked Swivel Castor.

Green Polyurethane/Cast Iron Wheel with Roller Bearings.

Grease Nipple for Bearings and Wheel Axle.

Load Capacity 317.5Kg / 699.97Lb

100mm  Heavy Duty Swivel Castor (Braked) are standard on flight cases for very heavy equipment like loudspeaker that can weigh upwards of  40 kg or more.

You can choose either fixed or swivel castors, swivel castors can come in a braked or un-braked version.

Most people opt for swivel castors, but preferable, a combine of two swivel castors with brakes, and two fixed wheel castors, will give you more control when moving in a straight line, and can be brake when loaded in to vehicle to stop the flight case moving in transit .

Castors are generally on the side where the case will touch the floor (bottom) when a flight case is tipped, the swivel castors always had the problem that the wheels end up hanging off the side, so this can be a problem locating lids etc. So always fit your castors about 5” from the  edge of the flight case to prevent this


Castor should not be attached directly to the flight case itself, but mounted on a wheel panel (Wheel Board) usually on 18mm plywood running just short of the width of the flight case, so it rest on the aluminium angle edging. The load is then taken a cross the flight, and not on the bottom panel. Its been known for castors to punch through the bottom panel of a flight case if wheel boards are not used.


Drill four holes and fix with sturdy nuts and bolts. Tee nut’s are even more professional touch. They’ll make sure you don’t lose any space on the inside of your case. And remember to fit locking washer with every nut, as the nuts do attempted to come lose with time

More information and tips on how to construct a flight case can be found at this link

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